Synopsis - Shadows in the Dark


"Raven refuses to trust anybody after her parents died in an unsolved murder, leaving she and her brother, Rowan, the family fortune. The only person besides Rowan who knows her true name, and the price tag it comes with, is her best friend, Bre. To everyone else, she is Rave, and she is no one. Until Bre disappears without a trace. She can't place it, but something about it feels all too familiar. Desperation takes over when the police find Bre's body and Rave realizes that the menacing shadows in her mind and memories could be closer than they first seemed. Now, even trusting herself has become a dangerous game."

 From the pages of SITD

"Darkness tugged at the edges of her vision, gnawing at her to surrender to it. She forced it back as she looked down to the twisted figure at her feet. Vacant eyes stared upwards while blood pooled on the cobblestones, turning blonde hair into sticky knots. A flash of lightning illuminated the scene. A shivering silhouette stood looming over the broken doll of a woman as rain diluted the scarlet puddle that crept outward. The clap of thunder followed the lightning too quickly and shook the alleyway. She turned her gaze toward the sky and stuck her tongue out to catch the drops falling from the blackened clouds. A smile bloomed wide across her face as she succumbed to the sheer power of it. The storm was getting worse; it was time to leave."             

Rear Jacket of TRK


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