Behind Creature Eyes

My full name is Elisabeth Kathleen Fox, and I am the originator and creator behind

the TCG brainchild and the founder of the Savage Prey arts label.

The Creature Girl handle and brand came to be thanks to my seemingly endless association with multiple creatures through my names, personality, and three dozen tattoos. I originally started to, and still mainly, work with prose and fiction. Nowadays, I also churn out the occasional sketch or painting. Thanks to the Savage Prey overhead label, my support staff and I can record, sell, self publish, and endeavor further into production of various artistic projects.

In my nonexistent spare time, I am passionate about my magick, metal and rock music, all kinds of food, and whole body health benefits through my favorite Young Living goodies.

I also happen to be a claircognizant Slytherin witch.

No, I'm seriously not joking.

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